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PTH celebrates 5 years

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by DekuLink, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. DekuLink Administrator

    Today marks the fifth anniversary of the official launch of Portal to Hyrule. In honor of today, the forums are getting an upgraded layout a little early (details below), and I'll be streaming either OoT, MM, TWW, or TP; all day (you guys decide). So please join us on the forums for these festivities! Streaming will start whenever and will last all day.

    I'm sure you've taken notice of the new layout. As you can see, it's not finished, but work on it has been steadily progressing. I've completed the design almost entirely and have been coding it. You guys can expect a preview of the complete design of the new forums in a few weeks (it'd be sooner, but I'll be spending most of my time coding it).

    Right now the home page and a few other things are pretty much done, almost everything else is the default Xenforo template with PTH colors. In some places you can't read the text because the background color and text color are both light or dark (If you come across any of these, let me know). Also any feedback about the new forums layout is very encouraged. Every bit helps!

    The road ahead looks nice, and things'll pick up. Happy birthday, PTH!
  2. Shrukan The Cursed One

    The skin looks better than what most even make or sell on Xenforo. The only complaint is the main page, mostly because I don't like how minimal it is, but that's your choice. Second complaint is the hats on the user icons... I do like the hats, but the hats are REALLY an eyesore in forums posts; my eyes are being dragged to the hat itself, and not the posts.

    I like the dancing mailbox. That was... amazing. :D. I like the thought of it. It's like: "Hey! You got mail! :D"

    I may ask you in the future for a Zelda-ish theme, but idk. Mike wants me to keep the forums with a single fluid theme.
  3. DekuLink Administrator

    Thanks. There are a few things (Like members online, etc.) that'll be on the homepage later, but yes it is very minimal. Also, you can hover over the # of posts in a forum to see the latest post, and click it to go to it. As for the hats: they are eye-catching, but they'll only be for today.

    I'm proud of the mailbox most of all.
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