Portal to Hyrule is a fan website dedicated to The Legend of Zelda. PTH was founded in October of 2006 as a small Freewebs site called Fans of Zelda. On June 28th, 2008 the website officially launched as Portal to Hyrule. Over the years, PTH has garnered a small but passionate community of Zelda fans. Our vision is to become a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all Zelda information and media; as well as a place for Zelda fans to socialize and share Zelda related discussion and content.


DekuLink created PTH. He designs, codes, and manages all of the site. You can watch DekuLink play various games occasionally on PTH's stream, or chat with him in the shoutbox just about anytime.

Maedhros is the co-administrator of PTH. "I wear underwear expensive enough to make a down payment on a car." -Maedhros

Explosive is a member of the stream team. Just like DekuLink, you can catch him playing games from time to time by watching PTH's stream.

Dark Princess is also a member of the stream team. Like Explosive and DekuLink, you can find her streaming games on PTH every once in a while.


Running a website is a lot of work. If you'd like to volunteer to help out around PTH, we'd love to have you! Seriously. PLEASE HELP US. Just scroll down the contact form and select the "staff app" tab, then tell us what you'd like to apply for and why you think you'd be good at it (Be sure to mention any past experience you have). Below are descriptions of positions we currently need help with.


We need a team of dedicated news writers to report on Zelda related news. This includes news in the Zelda community itself. You must search for any and all Zelda related news and content around the internet every day and report on it immediately.


We need people to write all kinds of game content. Walkthroughs, guides, info, etc. We need as much help as we can get in this area.


Have a capture card? Join the stream team! We're always looking for more people to keep our live stream fresh with a steady flow of gameplay. You can stream just about any game footage, but Zelda is preferred.


Portal to Hyrule is just one of many great fansites in the Zelda community. Below is a list of the friends and affiliates of PTH. Give them all a well deserved visit!


PTH is always on the lookout for other great Zelda sites. If you own a Zelda site that you think is pretty awesome and want to join the list above, you can get in contact with us using the contact form on this page. Just select the "affiliation" tab at the top of the form and fill it out! If you use 88x31 affiliate buttons, you can see ours under the contact form when the "affiliation" tab is selected. Feel free to hotlink these buttons from our site!


Portal to Hyrule is not affiliated with Nintendo Co., Ltd.